Indiana Review and Cincinnati Review Online

Two great pieces of news--

1. My essay "Cunt" is in the current issue of the Indiana Review, and they've made a piece available for preview on their website. You can link to it here. It starts as a personal essay about a grad student who (I felt) overstepped his bounds, and spins out from there into a discussion of etymology, politics, and American culture. I really hope you enjoy it.

2. I have a short essay/recipe up on the Cincinnati Review's blog. It tells how I make lemon-ginger scones, but it also contains my reflections on my family and on being an immigrant's child. You can find the piece here. I also took the photo that accompanies the recipe, and so the rolling pin mentioned is the actual rolling pin in the photo. It's one of my favorite things.

I'm grateful to both these outstanding journals for the support they've shown me and these pieces.